Tween room…THE REVEAL

This room is a super success for me!  It needed a makeover PERIOD but I got a little crazy and decided to do something I hadn’t done before.  With every chance we take, we risk great success or utter failure, but what we learn along the way is never a mistake!  With that being said, let’s see how I did…..

yellow bedroom collage

I didn’t want to only “makeover” this room, I really wanted to make it something special!

before bedroom1

This is what I was working with, yuck!  Now, there have been a few semi cute things that have gone on in this room over the past year and a half but when kids like changing rooms as much as I do and over time you realize you’re not as young as you thought, rooms get left to die.  This room was not being used and had become the “catch all” for the things that didn’t have a home.  This couch??  Being given away I am so done with it.  And the Yellow!  I didn’t like it as soon as I painted it.  I thought it would be a safe color since I knew that this room might be used for multiple reasons, WOMP, WOMP.  I will say that it was better than what we started with, but far from what I wanted.  So I researched my inspiration photos and made a plan.

herringbone wall 4

Once I figured out a pattern and spacing for my taping I was off and running.  The herringbone wall tutorial can be found here!!  P.S. it was much easier than I thought it would be and I had hardly any bleeding(from the paint, not my body or soul…sometimes projects do that).  My other three walls were painted in Revere Pewter(originally by Benjamin Moore but copied with Olympic at Lowes).bedroom after1Along with all the wall painting, I also painted the closet and doors a fresher white……everything had yellowed over time and the “white” is not white.

dot curtains

Freshly painted rooms require fresh new curtains!!  I have found a new and exciting way to make curtains work with less fabric(in case the fabric you love is too expensive or you only have a certain amount on hand).  The full tutorial is here for some other curtains I made and the post for these is right here….and it just makes so much sense!

magnet board

I also had a large magnet board on hand that is perfect for hanging personal masterpieces and helps avoid them being hung with a glue stick on the wall(true story).  The thing was, I didn’t feel like having a giant silver/metal rectangle on the wall.  It didn’t quite go with the theme I was creating.  So I decided that covering it with scrapbook paper was the perfect solution!  You can find my super simple tutorial for that bad boy here.

bedroom after2

bedroom after4

bedroom after3

herringbone up close

And there you have it!  Sometimes I surprise myself and this was definitely one of those times.  I had some concerns along the way but in the end everything turned out even better than I could have hoped for.  I am so glad that I didn’t sell myself short and go with something easier and more familiar.  Taking risks is the only way we will learn and grow and this one was a total success!  (I know that girl is not a “tween”, but this room was made to last…and we switch around so much, it may be her tween sisters’ before we know it.)

Throw pillows- Nanny Goat Pillows(me)

Rug- Target

Curtain base- Ikea

Curtain dot fabric-

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