Pillow Markets this year.

Doing pillow ‘shows’ or ‘markets’ are the best part of having this little business of mine.  Well, the best and the worst because it can be exhausting….BUT I LOVE meeting so many people!  There is so much going on at a show and so many fun people to follow on instagram:) that it’s just like a party. Plus…I can sell far more than at any other time and who doesn’t like making all the money you’ve spent back?!  My husband is a fan…..



Swiss Days is such a HUGE market here in Utah!  I’m telling you, ladies will save up all year long for this puppy.  And then they get hotel rooms and make it a ladies weekend…if I weren’t a vendor, I’d be doing the same thing.  Sooo much fun!  And the booths!!  Amazing!  I nearly spend more money than I make……






If you like, love or have an obsession with anything vintage, you want to go to Vintage Whites!!  They have markets in other states as well and they DELIVER awesomeness.  SO much fun antique furniture and knick knacks.  Thank heavens that I’m stuck in my booth the whole time or I’d be broke.  I love it!

I always come home from these shows with renewed motivation the redecorate the ENTIRE HOUSE, purge crap from everywhere and paint furniture.  You decide if that’s a good thing or bad thing………

What are your favorite markets/shows/yard sales to go to??

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