My 7 favorite fitness finds

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This is NO JOKE!  I love these items like I love my kids….okay, maybe not quite as much but pretty darn close.  They help me achieve a feeling of accomplishment and I simply cannot live without every single one of them!  they are ‘MUST HAVES’ for sure!  Let me introduce you to my 7 Favorite Fitness Finds….

  1.  Gymboss– Interval timer.  I have been using one of these for 3 years and I LOVE it!  It is for interval workouts such as HIIT which I talk about here…and they are my all time favorite.  This is essential for that type of workout because you can set the active time and the rest time and all you have to do is wait for the beep.  No thinking involved(because who can think when you’re working your butt off).
  2. Flipbelt– I’ve tried a few different ways to keep things in place while I run.  They all do a nice job but don’t really cover ALL of your bases like the flipbelt does for me(aside from holding a water bottle).
  3. Nathan– This baby holds a water bottle and has a pocket for your phone, ipod or energy snacks.  The one I use has a clear front so that I can touch my screen, unlike the one above.  I love this because my hand slides right through an opening on the back side and it just holds there.  I don’t have to grip the water bottle at all which is nice to keep the blood circulating through your fingers.  I love how it wears.
  4. Blendtec– Need I say more!?  It is on the pricey side but there is a reason.  This puppy can do ANYTHING!  Infact, I could cook soup in it.  I never have, but I can, that is how impressive it is.  Want to make your own flour or nut butter?  This does it for you.  I mainly make juices and it pulverizes the skins and all.  I use it almost daily and it was totally worth the investment!!!!
  5. Free Weights– Weight lifting is such an important part of any workout regimen.  Those muscles facilitate everything else and who doesn’t want some fit arms?!  Cardio alone cannot give you what your body needs.  If you’re worried about “bulking up”, don’t be, it’s so hard to do that and if you read all over the internet…’s just not going to happen by lifting the amount you’re likely to lift.  It takes serious effort.  I use my free weights ALL THE TIME in my workouts.
  6. SHOES– Ahhh, functional AND pretty shoes…a marriage made in heaven.  I cannot stress how important the right foot support is.  The shoes pictured are cross trainers which means they’re for lots of movement including side to side.  My running shoes are “running” shoes and I ONLY use them for running(so that they don’t break down in different areas taking away the running support I need).  And who can go wrong with fun colors?!
  7. Leggings– Workout clothing is mandatory!  You can feel the difference, I promise.  There are many great companies and products so feel free to try them out.  The cute purple ones pictured above are nike.  But don’t be narrow minded…have a variety and branch out with some hot neon colors(it makes you WANT to workout).  While you’re getting leggings don’t forget about tops and sports bras…..Essential!

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