How to makeover your laundry room- The Reveal!

If you have been following me on instagram, you know that I have been in the process of making over my laundry room.  It is something that I started last week but it has been a LOOONNGGGG time coming(among a zillion other projects on my list).  I will tell you what, though, it feels so good to actually plan out, follow through and complete a project ALL.  BY.  MY.  SELF.  I think that sometimes our doubts creep in and cause us to feel way less than adequate in everything.  I feel that way sometimes when I am trying to DIY.  I know that I can do many things, because people are doing it all over the place, but I start to feel like I might not have what it takes…….so it feels awesome to get through a project and be completely smitten with the results.  Yay, me!!

Here is the run down………………..laundryroom before1

laundry room2

I must tell you that I really LOVE my house!  I love that it is cozy and inviting and there is a certain charm to that Grandma feel.  It’s like going home, or something.  With that being said, It is not my style(unless I were 85 and it was the late 80’s).  So I knew that over time I would be making some serious changes to this house to make it my home.  That started 5 1/2 years ago and we’re still pushing through.  It has not been my first priority…just a priority and I have been fine with that.  That’s where the “cozy Grandma” house thing comes in handy.  I can live with it.


Hey, the washer and dryer aren’t from the 80’s(anymore).  Line upon line, people.  This is a close up of the border that graces nearly every room in my house.  Of course it isn’t the same pattern in every room,  that would be tacky!


Look at me pull that off like a champ!  I’m not sure if it just happens to be the border that was in my house and how it was installed but it has seemed to hold true for each room I have removed it from so far(at least 4 rooms), it has come off pretty easily.  This is what I have done…….In the beginning I went out and bought a tool that scratches the surface so that I can spray a somewhat soapy product onto the border which moistens the adhesive making it easier to scrape(that felt like a mouthful).  It worked great but in time I got lazy and didn’t feel like waiting until I had purchased more stuff, so I did what I do pretty well, I winged it.  Instead of scraping it, I peeled what would peel and then I used a spray bottle and water to wet the entire surface.  If the top layer was pretty much off, the adhesive would get wet and then it would give.  All I had to do was scrape it with a scraping tool found at the Home Depot(or where ever).  I have heard horror stories from people so maybe I just got lucky.  It can be a bit tedious and messy, but overall it was really easy.


This tool has seen better days……..before it arrived at my house.  It didn’t know how much border it would be scraping off.


Once the border was removed, the walls got a good scrub using TSP-phosphate free(tri sodium phosphate) mixed with water.  It works really well for removing any additional adhesive that is hiding from me.



As you can see, everything has been removed.  Including the cabinet doors.  Painting the cabinets was definite in my book.  This room needed to be brightened up and made to look a little larger.  It is a tight fit in there and whatever will make it seem more spacious is what I wanted.

I started priming the cabinets with some Zinsser primer that I had on hand.


I am not a lover of sanding.  For me it just feels like One. More. Step.  So if there is a reasonable way around unnecessary steps(sometimes it IS necessary), I want to take it.  This stuff works on all surfaces WITHOUT sanding.  Can I get an AMEN?!  I coated the cabinets 3 times with this primer.  I may not want to sand, but I am willing to apply the extra coats just to get good coverage…and the surface area wasn’t too big.


When the primer had dried(in one hour per coat)I enlisted the help of my 4 yr old.  I had also enlisted the help of my good friend, Lani, but she disappeared during each photo.  I used a bright white paint from valspar to cover the cabinets and the lower half of the walls.


I applied 3 coats of paint as well…just to be safe.


I then measured and taped off where I wanted the blue paint to go.  I have learned from experience that I should definitely tape off the ceiling…because I am not good enough at getting a clean line AND you should never use old or poor quality tape.  There is nothing more frustrating than spending all of your time taping, to have the paint bleed anyway.  Enough said!


This is a progress picture with one coat.  I ended up applying 3 coats, just like the cabinets, to be safe.  But my transformation does NOT end there.  Vinyl floor is not my favorite but changing the flooring was out of the question.  So I researched and googled different options and kept coming back to simply painting it.  It was an iffy jump for me, not knowing how well it would turn out and I knew my husband would be skeptical.  But I really did love how it looked in the sources that I had found it… , scroll down the post a bit, and here.  I mean, they really do look great and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try it.  I also figured that since this was a small room, the floor would eventually go and we wouldn’t be out very much money, I could justify it.  Now all I had to do was get my husband on board(and I thought getting him to let me paint the cabinets was tough).  After emailing him photos of completed rooms and him just wanting to please his wife, he agreed.



Luckily the flooring already had straight lines for me to follow.  I simply chose how wide I wanted them and then I taped them off.  I made sure to tape on the outside of each gray line(meaning the tape would be on the inside of each white line).  This was because I wasn’t going to be painting the white again.  If I were painting an additional color, I would still do it this way and when it was dry I would peel the tape and then re-tape on the outside of the lines I was painting, kapeesh?




And this is what my house looked like for nearly a week………………..



It was nice when unexpected visitors(or any visitors for that matter)would stop by.  “Uhhhh, I swear that I clean my house!”  P.S. this is another one of those rooms that will under-go a makeover.  It already did a few years ago and I now know that I HATE it!  Okay, I’ll say dislike.  It is NOT my style but my husband isn’t agreeing with me.  I think he feels like we just barely painted it and spent money on it……(like 3-4 years ago).  What is it with men?!  One day we can all celebrate when this room is the topic of my blog post.  *note to self, you do not like dark colors, PERIOD!….or traditional/fancy furniture!  I’m good with the white laundry basket 🙂


Here is a before and after once more because I am so impressed with myself.

laundryroom before1

laundry room2

I could just skip away from the computer right now.  I am so pleased with how it turned out.  I still have a few plans for the walls but it is something I need my husband to help with and I also need to paint all the doors.  We are going to invest in a sprayer and do all of the doors at once because I hate painting them.

I shared this link with the fabulous gals over at the Be, You, Tiful link party, Joy in our home Motivational Monday party and also at Inspire me please and Get crafty with your bad self  linky party.  Check out all of their inspiring links!


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  • Linda Dimmick

    Congratulations. You did it AND did it well, no, perfectly awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Worley Dey

    It looks great! I really wanted to paint the cabinets in my kitchen but was too afraid. ReplyCancel

  • Naomi Hattaway


  • Looks great! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.ReplyCancel

  • Gorgeous! I bet it feels so good to have this project done. I wish I could do my laundry at your house! Thanks for linking up to the Be.YOU.Tiful Link party.ReplyCancel

  • Great job! I’d love doing laundry in there! And you had a cute lil’ helper 🙂 I’d love for you to share this at our Motivational Monday link party… on my blog 🙂 Fabulous makeover!ReplyCancel

  • Wow, it looks great! All of that work was definitely worth it.Thanks for linking up to Motivational Monday!ReplyCancel

  • This is amazing!! I didn’t know you could paint vinyl floors!?! But they look great. The whole room is so light and happy now. I love that you got your 4 year old to help out! Haha…nice work! Thanks for linking up this week by the way. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Thanks for letting me link up and for all the nice comments. And once I learned you could paint vinyl floors it was “game on”. Totally worth it!ReplyCancel

  • LOVE the end result! I love the half paint on the walls and I LOVE THE FLOORING! Great job!

    Have a great week!

  • April Anthony Critchfield

    Holy Crap – I never knew you could paint a vinyl floor. Well done!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Bingham Jenson

    Amazing floor! I am keeping that one in mind!ReplyCancel

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