Kick ‘lack of motivation’ in the throat..where fitness is concerned!

Already my brain goes in a million different directions with that title!  I could rant for the good side or bad side depending on my mood.....don't we all feel that way about fitness sometimes?!  

Fitness/exercise/healthy lifestyle can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  Which is really too bad because being healthy and feeling good about yourself can be life why the tug of war?

Uhhh, good question.  Let's talk about it.

  • ​A healthy lifestyle in not likely how we grew up and CHANGE IS HARD!
  • Meal planning takes effort(holy cow, like a ton)
  • T.V. and donuts give me comfort and exercise requires work...dang it
  • I'm tired and don't have time anyway....
  • I don't like cross fit or lifting weights so I'm out of luck.
  • and on and on....


  • ​CHANGE IS HARD but change can feel OH SO GOOD!
  • A million and 1 people have done all the meal planning foot work for us and all we have to do is get the recipes and make i t happen.
  • T.V. and donuts seem nice but most often have a negative affect..think zombie gut bomb.
  • Oh we've always got time it's about priorities.  And exercise actually gives us energy and leads to a more fulfilled life.
  • There are soooo many styles of exercise today that I guarantee you, there is something you'll like and maybe even love!
  • and on and on....

I totally feel all of that and sometimes all in the same day, but I know how much I need and benefit from a health and fitness routine(and don't stress out..when I say 'routine' I don't mean regimented, do it or die a long humiliating death...I mean "eh, I'm working on it and some days are better than others but as long as I'm getting better at it and not worse).  So I've done some soul searching and pondering to find out how to make this work.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT I'VE DETERMINED?!  Well, it's not the only deciding factor but for me, it's huge.  MOTIVATION or lack thereof.  Dang that motivation, I curse you sometimes

What motivates me?

  • ​MUSIC. I'm a huge fan and it gets me pumped up every time!
  • Goals and photos of people who have reached them already(for some people that might make them feel bad, but for me, it totally works)
  • Friends.  Get your friends involved if you can.  It's genius, I promise.
  • Incentives/rewards/NEW WORKOUT CLOTHES!  Can I get an amen?!

Whatever the motivator may be, use it!  Find out what works for you and use the heck out of it!  Some mornings I have to get on fitness instagram pages to make me excited.  Some afternoons I have to imagine a new swimsuit I'm going to buy for a trip.  And some days I just have to crank my music, put on my workout clothes and picture myself as a butt kicking, karate lady with really intimidating muscles.......HY-YAH!!!!!

Here's an old post with some photos of my fitness inspiration.

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