It really is the little things….and they be many!  You guys!  I am on a roll and I think I would have made a million dollars from my motivational thoughts today.  These moments don’t happen all of the time and it may not last very much longer so I HAVE to take full advantage and get as much out of it as possible.

Why am I feeling this way??

Likely many reasons but a few I know for sure….

1. I ran an awesome race on Saturday and I feel like a rock star

2. I’m getting life back in order and that always feels good

3. I had a good workout and I feel determined

Among other things… but what is really cool is that these are each a cause and an affect.  Because I ran a great race, I feel motivated and excited about life.  Because of that, I am motivated to get stuff done around the house.  Because of that, I’m feeling good about myself which gets me pumped to workout.  Because I worked out, I feel strong mentally and physically….and the ‘mentally’ is much stronger than the physical and therefore it pushes me through the rest of the day, or week, or month….and because of all that, if I felt like running today, my pace would be INSANE!

Now I recognize that my roaring bon-fire can be quickly doused and put out by life so I am taking this time to use it for all that it is worth….and just maybe that will allow at least an ember to linger so that when life slows down again, all I’ll need to do is fan it a little.  Fan with me!!


I took this picture today, during all my awesome life thoughts, because it was a view that needed to be captured.  Not because it is magazine worthy but because when I paused to notice, it held a million little things that bring joy to my heart.  How often are we missing these moments?!  Not this time, though. Not this time did I miss it.

It reminds me that I have a beautiful lawn that a sweet old lady fussed over making it so that I only have to maintain to enjoy the fruits of her labors.  A soft green grass that invites my girls to somersault and cartwheel on.  To play catch and do back handsprings on.  Beautiful and colorful flowers that just make my heart happy!  I LOVE flowers….and bright colors!  And a yard full of them gives me at least one thing to celebrate.  A strong body that can do amazing things…like mow a lawn…because we know how easily that can be changed.  A flag that reminds me of my intense gratitude for it’s purpose and those who have fought and died to maintain a freedom that few enjoy and many take for granted.  A flag that today honors many whose lives were lost, many who lost loved ones and the many, many more who are left behind to pick up the pieces(September 11th 2001).  Leafy treetops that line the sky in every direction I look.  I love trees!  I look forward to seeing them change from a wintery deathlike slumber to these dense, life giving sentinels.  And the houses that represent the neighbors who are like family that share in life’s joys and life’s sorrows.  Should I go on??

All in a split second, when I paused long enough to look.  And not just look with my eyes, but with my heart, I saw so much more.  I felt good and I recognized it so I wanted to take a moment to see why and then to appreciate it and give thanks.  And now I have one more(or a million more)causes and affects that will continue to circle around and carry me through my day, week or month.

What are some of the many little things that make your heart happy?

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