Here am I, send me.

I love this heartfelt willingness, “Here am I, send me.”  This is what the Savior told our Father in Heaven.   Abraham 3:27

**Important…when I post these thoughts of mine, please remember that I do this in an effort to give hope.  I am in no way a pro at any of these suggestions…Sometimes I succeed, often times I fail and most of the time I’m trying….. but they are good and we can always use more good in our lives.  So with an attitude of hope…and our negative thoughts shut off…that’s right, we all have a tendency to focus on what we can’t or didn’t accomplish.  Shut those thoughts off!  This is a post for feeling good.  For feeling motivated.  For taking a mini evaluation of ourselves(only for ourselves…remember we want to feel good) and moving forward as a better person.**

I do not compare us in any way to the Savior, Jesus Christ, because He is perfect BUT….we can emulate him and try to be more like him which means that  we too can respond, “Here am I, send me.”

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  And I’ve tried to break down the many ways that this phrase can be applied in our lives.  There are many, and even many more that I haven’t thought of, but here is a start….



First I thought of some of the typical ways we can show our willingness or LACK of willingness to serve our Heavenly Father….

Callings at church– RIGHT!?  Some are easier than others, aren’t they.

Reading scriptures– Where does the time go??

Saying prayers– It’s easy to forget.

Attending church meetings– They are sometimes boring and kids can be difficult.

Paying tithing– This is a faith that you have to earn through action.

Going to the Temple– There’s just not enough time in a day.

Caring for your neighbors– I do care for them, I just get busy in my own life and forget to check on them.

These are legitimate..but then I started thinking about some things that may be more difficult to overcome……….

Accepting our trials

Moving forward in our trials

Putting our faith in Him

Using our experience to serve and lift others

Being grateful even when..

Enduring with hope

Finding joy in the journey

I like to think that, however imperfectly, I am striving to be willing to do all of those thing that I listed at the top.  Some days(or moments) are better than others but  the desire is there and as long as I’m moving forward, I’m not moving back.  BUT, how willing am I to accept my trials??  I mean not just DEAL with them, or live with them but to accept them?  To find peace and joy in them?  Remember, I am not preaching…I’m sincerely asking myself this question.  I know in my heart that these things are right.  But I need to teach my brain how to agree.

How do I sincerely say, “Here am I, send me.”, “I will do what you ask of me……anything you ask of me, because I know you know better than I.”

I want to say it!!  And I want to mean it!!  Do you ever feel this way?  Are there things in your life that are holding you back?

There is no single answer and no “once and done” kind of fix.  It’s going to be a life long process.  But I want to be that person who bravely and humbly accepts the life that is given to me.  I want to be what Heavenly Father sees in me.  I want to stand tall and stand strong.  I want to be immovable.  And I know I can!  I know you can!!  Remember this is a happy post.  No negative thoughts.

Starting today I’m going to try a little harder to be more willing…in everything I’m expected to do.  I’m going to search the scriptures more often.  I’m going to continue to attend my church meetings and I’m going to do it with a good attitude( I already do because I really like going to church but I can always do better).  I’m going to more actively serve in my callings.  AND most importantly I’m going to rely on the Lord to help me know how I can better accept my trials(because thats the hardest of all) and have faith that He will guide me and that there is purpose in all things and something even better than I could have imagined  is at the end of it all.

It will be hard, and at moments I will fail, but I won’t quit!  I can’t because I am stronger than I think and I have the Lord on my side.  I have angels cheering me on….





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