Be who you are and LOVE it!

I’m a huge champion of the idea: Be who you are and LOVE it because that’s who we are meant to be!  And no one else…in this world…can do what we can do!

I spent a day at BYBC yesterday hoping to be inspired and motivated…and of course, hoping to hang out with the ladies.  Which you know I did….hang out with the ladies 😉  ……and I was inspired and motivated!  It’s like a win, win, win and even more wins.  Anytime you can come away from anything and feel like a better person OR like you could BECOME a better person, the whole world benefits, right!?  Certainly the home benefits and that will just trickle on out……..

I was looking for a couple of things in particular.   First, I am at a crossroads with “blogging” and I needed some direction on how I want to move forward(Thankfully I think I have an idea of what-ish and the how will fall into place as I put things into action).  Second, I always want to be in the company of women who are making a difference in lives.  Not a “fluff” difference..although that can be necessary sometimes, but the ladies who help other women be more empowered and learn to love themselves and what they, themselves have to offer.  That leads them to greater confidence, a brighter outlook, powerful things accomplished and changed lives…for generations.

I can safely say that I found both yesterday.  I’ve got some new ideas for my so called “blogging” and even more importantly, I’ve come away with a desire to do more and to be more!

BYBC friends brittany

Brittney from Allhalemamma has been a friend since we met last year at SNAP(for real, you make instant, lifelong friends…even if you don’t get to hang out much).  And if you want some tips on serious mormon mom dance moves, she’s your gal.  We got to cruise around together nearly the entire day and I really, really like her!


BYBC friendsOkay, so if you don’t like meeting gorgeous, talented ladies then meeting bloggers is not for you.  These ladies form Twosistersandastory are genuine and far too pretty for me to have any confidence left…kidding, but they are amazing!  They were so nice to sit by me and let me run my fingers through that long, dark hair(kidding again because that would be weird).

BYBC friends jordan

And the speakers!!  I’m not gonna lie, there were some great ones and it is no surprise that they are speaking in the first place.  If you don’t know this lady, she is Jordan from Funcheaporfree and she’s pretty impressive!  I love her and my girls love her…like more than they love me… really.  It’s true and I can see why.  She’s very genuine and very likable.  Plus, she’s super genius in the ways of frugality and smart money choices and incredibly willing to help.

Not pictured is Mama Leisha because sometimes I’m way too shy to just walk up to people…it’s a disease.  She is on a mission to do awesome in the world and I love her for it!  I’m serious!  Great things from her!

Honestly I came away knowing that who I am is who I am supposed to be and even when my “way” or “opinion” is different from someone else’s, that’s what makes me me and what makes me me, will make a difference in the lives of the people I come in contact with.



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