About Me


There is definitely not one word that would describe meunless that word were dynamicI am a girl of many dreams.  Some of them are similar but then some of them are way off kind of like wearing a tutu and doing push ups.

I am the wife of an incredibly handsome and selfless man and a mother to 4 beautiful girls.  Sometimes I worry about my future with those 4 beautiful girls, but that’s where the selfless husband comes in!  I have always loved the outdoors, camping, hiking, picnicking and being active.  I enjoy playing some sports, but was always too shy to try out(note to self, “don’t worry so much about what others think of me!”).

I have always loved pretty things and have had a greater opportunity later in my life to finally explore those things.  Some of them being home decor, refinishing furniture, being crafty and playing with pretty fabrics.  That is where the pillows come in.  Oh, I guess I could add budgeting because that is also where the pillows come in.  As I started to understand what “my style” was(although it is ever-changing, dynamic), I started feeling frustrated that to achieve the results I wanted I either had to be in debt, spend money that could have gone to savings or even worse, go without!  Oh, I can go without just fine, but why should I have to for pillows or fun furniture or other crazy awesome things.  Being thrifty doesn’t mean having nothing!  So, I decided to start making my own covers…...then I decided that I shouldn’t be the only one to benefit from such awesomeness.

The idea of Nanny Goat Pillows was born.  It was a process and things just evolved on their own.  The more I got into things, the more I loved them.  Luckily for me, my kids were getting older, too and I was in a place where I had more time to focus my energies elsewhere.  The timing was finally right.  Balancing everything is still super important and FAMILY always comes first, but I feel like I can finally try doing all of those things that I was only dreaming of.  I became a runner, which I always wanted but with young kids, the circumstances weren’t right.  I have ventured into updating my home….sounds easy until you actually have to decide on a color or theme and then if it crashes and burns….we won’t go there.  I love scouring thrift stores for great treasures that I can doll up with paint.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cleaning and organizing!!!  I do not have a spotless home, not even close.  But I do have a clean home and aspirations for a spotless one when the kids are grown and gone(and hopefully sometime before that).  I don’t even have all the “know how” to do an organization overhaul, but I know what has worked for me or what I’ll try or what I can research.  Totally LOVE it!

This blog will be a compilation of all things “me”.  The good, the bad and hopefully not too ugly(but let’s be real, we all have our moments).  I hope that this can be an inspiration for someone.  Join me on my crazy, fun, dynamic, fulfilling and sometimes exhausting journey.

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